Baby Elizabeth

Regular price $121.99 offers the most precious, adorable, and realistic reborn dolls. Our dolls are super soft and cuddly and will feel great when you hug them. Our dolls are some of the most beautiful and realistic dolls you can find. Each doll has a truly expressive and lifelike face that will make your heart melt. You will not want to put your cuddly doll down once you pick it up. And that is perfectly fine because our cute dolls will never be tired of your tight embrace. Imagine the lifetime of memories you will develop with this adorable doll. Your doll is waiting for your hugs and kisses. Order Today!

  • 22 inches in size
  • Lips: Hand painted with a warm pink color that looks soft and natural.
  • Arms and legs can be moved to allow your doll to sit or stand with different arm positions.
  • Material: Cloth body and cotton head with arms and legs made of soft silicone. High quality non-toxic materials.
  • Head: The baby doll has a lifelike newborn head similar in size to a real newborn. You won't be able to put her down without a big hug and a kiss. It will feel like you are holding a real infant.
  • Safety Certification: Exceeds EN71 safety standards
  • In rare cases, the clothing and accessories will not match the pictures.
  • Weight is around 1.4kg
  • Age 4+ years old